One of the greatest issues business owners face is solitude.

If at some point you left the corporate world to start your business you likely experienced withdrawals and missed working with other people.

While working with a coach one-to-one is one of the most suggested acts by most of the top business owners, solitude mixed with costs of business coaching can be overwhelming – In comes business group coaching.

If you have a group of between 3-4 people who own a business or are starting a business, and would like to gain business coaching and business advice this is a great option. This group coaching takes place a minimum of 2 times per month for a minimum of four months, and goes for approximately 2 hours per session. This is an excellent way of being coached and guided by Joshua, spreading the cost amongst group members, while at the same time, being able to gain from your friends and colleagues experiences and the guidance and business feedback Joshua gives to both you and them.

Contact Joshua directly to determine if this type of business coaching group is best for you and your 2-3 friends or colleagues: or 416-388-1135.