This program WILL save you time, energy, and potentially, a large, very large amount of money in the building of your business.

ONE WEEK Business Creation Practicum

Most experts say it takes 3-5 years to develop the foundation that is necessary to develop a successful business. We have been able to shrink down the learning curve and time necessary to achieve the successful implementation and set up of the systems required for success into one empowering week instead!

This new program developed and presented by Joshua Zuchter Business Consulting in association with International Image Institute offers you the opportunity to develop the systems necessary to support your business’ long-term success.

Equivalent to 31 hours of coaching with Joshua, this is a group coaching program completed in one week (5 days)- what would normally take approximately ¾ of a year to complete if done one-to-one each week.

There will be a maximum of 6 business owners in the program. This will allow for both greater one-to-one assistance, while at the same time, connecting with, learning and hearing from others who have similar goals to you.

By the end of this one week you will have the following items up and functioning:

  • Clear vision that will serve as your target and marker for you to achieve for business and life
  • Potential daily focus and routine in the morning that you can implement to empower you and your day
  • Organized filing system on and for your computer, e-mails and favourites so that you can find any file within 30 seconds AND so that as you accumulate files they can be filed efficiently and effectively
  • Clearly defined and powerful personal and business mission statement
  • Minimum of 5 personalized affirmations custom designed to your success that you can use to help keep your subconscious and mind focused on your business objectives and plans
  • Master Blue Print Map outlining the next 5 years and the actions required to achieve your clearly outlined goals and objectives
  • 2-4 articles written by you and edited by Joshua personally, that can be used for a blog, e-zine, website, submission to the media or magazines, or for all of these options to also aide in establishing credibility.
  • Vision board that you can use to keep your inspiration and motivation going throughout the life of your business or at the least until you reach the goals you set in this program.
  • Company name (or feedback on what you already have or are considering)
  • Website address (or feedback on what you already have or are considering)
  • 12 month customized marketing and promotion strategy
  • Fees for your services and/or products
  • 2-3 seminar topics minimum with content for each (for if seminars will be a part of your marketing strategy)
  • Well written and constructed biography for your marketing material, website, or seminars also edited by Joshua
  • Payment systems for accounting and for receiving funds
  • Step-by-step analysis and plan of what to do with a prospect contacting you to completing with that individual as a client
  • Help with conceptual logo development
  • Full understanding of financial, tax, income, and expense organization
  • A social media plan for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others where applicable
  • …much much more.

All of the above normally takes months to years to develop. With Joshua’s guidance, wisdom, business acumen, and feedback you in are good hands and will be way ahead of where you would have been if you had attempted to do this on your own.

You will also gain quality coaching that will save you a great deal of potentially wasted time and money.

Space is limited to ONLY 6 to allow for semi-private and one-to-one coaching during the week.

The next program is taking place January 20 – 24th, 2014

Location: Yonge and Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada – transit is available directly in front.

Contact us with your questions and/or to reserve your space: